Sunday, September 12, 2010

Practicum-Week 3

I had a short week at Mize this week because of the Labor Day holiday.  I was there on Wednesday and Friday.  On Wednesday it was library day for one class of kindergarten, one class of first grade, one class of second grade, two classes of third grade, and one class of fourth grade.  I read the book Inch by Inch to kindergarten and first grade.  I read Officer Gloria and Buckle to second grade, and I read Why Mosquitoes Buzz in People's Ears to third and fourth grade.  They all seemed to enjoy the books.  After each class left there was a lot of straightening to be done!  Mrs. Hughes discussed budget issues with me.  She said that the budget comes from the central office and that she has usually received it by now, but that she hasn't yet.  She wants to order new books and things for the library but until she gets the budget she can't do that.
Friday was Jr. High day.  Sixth and seventh graders were in and out all day.  They were all very rowdy and most did not care about checking out a book.  They seemed more excited about the upcoming pep rally and football game than anything else.  They seem to be messier and louder than the lower grades, so once again the afternoon was filled with more shelving and straightening!!

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