Sunday, September 26, 2010

Week 1-Brandon Public Library

I hung out at the Brandon Public Library on Wednesday and Friday of this week.  It is an awesome library.  I stayed in the children's department with Rachel Nowell and Jessica Bilbo.  On Wednesday I watched Jessica do preschool storytime.  She had around 20 kids and about 6-8 adults.  The theme was "My Favorite Books."  Jessica read her books and they sang and danced.  After they got done with that each child made a bookmark that they could take home and put in their favorite book.  The children seemed to love it and most were very well behaved. On Friday they usually don't schedule any programming.  Jessica was off so Rachel showed me many interesting things.  She actually has storytime planned for the next 3 years!!  She is the most organized person that I know.  I will be back there tomorrow and I believe that tomorrow there will be 2 "Baby and Me" storytimes.  I'm excited to see the little ones and see how they react!!

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