Monday, October 4, 2010

Brandon Public Library Week #2

This past week was a great week at the Brandon Public Library.  On Monday they had 2 Baby and Me programs.  The first one had 8 kids and 5 adults.  I observed during this one.  But, I did get up and do the dances to the songs!  They sang and danced, read 2 books on counting, and then had playtime for 15 minutes.  The next Baby and Me program I read the books and led the singing and dancing.  For this one there was 4 kids and 3 adults.  The program was exactly the same as the first one.  After we did this we began taking down the displays from last month.
On Wednesday they had one preschool program.  I didn't read the books, but I participated in the singing and dancing and helped with the craft.  The theme for this program was space.  Mrs. Jessica read books about space and the craft was a space rocket.  For this we took a small rocket pattern that the children had colored, taped it on the front of a cone shaped water cup (the kind that are at the water cooler), and then used small strips of red crepe paper for the fire.  It was a very simple craft and the kids seemed to enjoy it.  There were 15 kids and 7 adults for this program, I believe.
After we got cleaned up from the program we started decorating for Halloween.  The children's department is now covered in pumpkins and scarecrows.  Pics to come later!!!

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