Monday, October 11, 2010

Brandon Public Library Week 3

Yikes!  Been so busy I almost forgot to post.
This past week I was at Brandon on Wednesday and Friday.  On Wednesday I observed Mrs. Jessica do the preschool storytime.  The theme was Owls.  They read 3 owl books, sang and danced, and then made a puppet with a brown paper bag and a cutout of the owl.  It was very cute.  After that we finished decorating.  I made my very own display in the young adult section.  I was quite proud of it and some of my books have already been checked out!!
On Friday Rachel did some work on upcoming programs and even got some things going for summer reading 2011!!  She is a planner!!  And I got to see the Cricut machine work.  I think that was the highlight of my week.  Now I want my very own Cricut!!  This week i will only be there on Wednesday because today I went to the teacher fair on campus and Friday all CMRLS libraries will be closed for staff development.

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